Tack Cloth vs Microfiber

microfiber cloth for woodworking

If you are new to woodworking or have been working with tools for years you will know how dirty your work space can be.  It wont take long before you have sanding dust or particles from your last project all over.  And then you can also add in all the paint, primer, and oils that get spilled on your workbench as well as the floor.  All of this to say that woodworking can be messy.  That is why it is important to find the most efficient way to clean your work space.  So we are here to tackle the question of which is better, tack cloth vs microfiber.

Our team will routinely use both of these cloths but often times for different reasons.  A tack cloth can be considered a must have if your in into woodworking or craftsmanship.  A tack cloth is used to quickly remove sanding dust as well as other wood particles from your project.  This is often times done before you apply paint or a stain to your project so that it can be applied to a smooth and clean surface.  If the surface isn’t clean of particles then it can leave it uneven and result in poor results.

I often see woodworkers using a traditional tack cloth that is made up of 100% cotton.  These can be a great option but it is important to keep an eye out for the tack cloths with a chemical agent added to them.  This can leave your hands, gloves, or project with a sticky residue.  So our team typically sticks with using reusable Micro Fiber Tack Cloth.

Our Recommended Microfiber Cloth

If you have never used MicroFiber Tack cloth for woodworking you will be amazed by the results.  We absolutely love the Amazon Basic brand because they are incredibly cheap so we can always stay stocked up but they do a great job of cleaning up after our woodworking projects.  The microfiber within the cloth works like magic to grab all of the sand dust and wood particles.  This makes it easy to clean up our work station but also provides us a better result to apply paint to.

Depending on the project we recommend that you make the cloth slightly damp as this will make it easier to pick up the particles.  And after you are finished cleaning up the wood particles you can just throw them under some water and they will get perfectly clean again.  So we hope you are able to buy these cloths for your work space and we hope we answered your question of tack cloth vs microfiber.

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