How to Make Laminate Floors Shine

laminate floor shine

Laminate flooring is long-lasting and simple to care for solution for many home owners. The floors can last multiple decades before becoming dull and needing some waxing and refinishing. So, that brings up the question of how to make laminate floors shine.

If you have had your laminate floors for a good number of years then they may begin to fade or look a little dull. But with a little bit of work you can get your laminate floor shining like brand new. You can learn how to install laminate floor from our recent article.

Why Do Laminate Floors Begin To Fade?

There are many different reasons that laminate floor may begin to fade. But most of the reasons come down to normal wear and tear over multiple years.

When you start noticing that your floor is looking dull it may be time for some cleaning and polishing. You can find how to clean a laminate floor here. If the floor has deep scratches then you will need to go ahead and get waxing instead of just simple restoring because this process uses actual polymers in order to get the floor restored back to their original state. But if there are only light or superficial scratches, all you have to do is simply restore them until they look brand new again. Whether you use one product over another really depends on which type of cleaners work best with your specific type of laminate floor so read our complete guide to learn more.

Let’s learn how to shine laminate flooring.

How To Get Your Laminate Floors To Shine

If your laminate floor is beginning to fade then it may be time to polish them. In this guide we will walk you through everything you need to do in order to make your laminate floors shine like they are brand new. This process will also help to get rid of any streaks or stains from your laminate floor.

1. Deep Clean Your Laminate Flooring

The first step in how to make laminate floors shine is a deep clean. Depending on how dirty your flooring is, this may be a quick process or it could take several hours depending on how long it has been since you have last polished them and how much foot traffic they get each day. To begin the cleaning process we recommend using either baking soda or vinegar to really scrub away at any tough stains that are left behind from dirt and grime. These two items will also help remove odors which can easily build up over time as well so spraying some vinegar before heading out of town for an extended period of time helps keep things smelling fresh!

2. Polish Your Floors

After that you have deep cleaned your laminate flooring, it is time to start to polish them. This is typically how they are brought back to life after being neglected for too long.

There are many different types of polishes you can use on your laminate flooring, but the most common one used in homes today is a polish which uses polymers so it forms a barrier over time and becomes more durable.

First off vacuum the floors thoroughly using an upholstery attachment or something similar so no dust particles get stuck between your newly cleaned surface! Next spray some water onto the floor before applying any product whether that be with a mop or just by hand if you’re working on smaller areas at once. This helps keep things cleaner while also helping them dry faster afterwards when you go into buffing mode!

After everything has been cleaned and dried apply the polish in sections using a microfiber cloth. If you’re applying by hand rather than mop do so with small amounts to avoid streaks and overuse of product which will only make your floor look worse!

After leaving it for around an hour or two depending how long it takes to dry thoroughly buff away any excess residue left behind until everything looks shiny again like when you first bought them home from the store!

Most people think that polishing their floors is difficult but trust us all you need are these simple steps to get things looking great again without too much fuss, time or effort.

Polishing your laminate floor will only take a few hours but it can make your laminate floors look brand new!

Causes Of Laminate Floors Becoming Dull

Laminate floors can become dull over time for a number of reasons. The most common reason is just natural wear and tear over multiple years. Other reasons can be leaving your shoes off in the house for too long which will leave behind dirt and grime, spills or accidents that are left alone for too long without being cleaned up so they have time to dry out.

Moving furniture around on laminate floor also has a chance of scratching or dulling the finish of your floors. It is important to be careful moving furniture on your floors. One of the best things you can do to keep your laminate floor healthy is to limit the exposure to water, clean up any spill as soon as possible, and to be careful with what furniture is stored on the floor.

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