Harbor Freight Tools

Harbor freight has become one of the staples in the woodworking industry because of their mission to provide high quality woodworking tools at affordable prices.  The woodworking tools industry seems to have many companies who only care about making a profit, but Harbor Freight provides their customers with a wide variety of different woodworking tools.

Harbor Freight was founded in 1977 as a local family business in Los Angeles, California.  A family that was sick and tired of paying too much for woodworking tools. This is why they began the process of manufacturing every woodworking tool available.  For the next 42 years that stuck by their mission to provide the best possible woodworking tools at the best possible prices. And they have grown an incredibly fan base because of the quality of their products.

Harbor Freight started with only hand tools but soon were able to expand to power tools, automotive equipment, saws, generators, drill presses, and nearly any tool you could imagine.  No matter what project you are working on, you can trust that Harbor Freight Tools will provide you with everything you will need as they currently offer over 7,500 tools and accessories.

Since starting as a family business in California, Harbor Freight Tools have since expanded to over 1,000 stores all across the United States of America.  They have stores in all 48 of the continental U.S and are looking to expand to even more cities around the U.S to provide everyone in the U.S with a chance to have high quality tools at an affordable price.  As they are one of the fastest growing tool providers in the world, it isn’t too surprising that they are expanding at such a rapid rate.

Harbor Freight Trailer

The Harbor Freight Trailer is one of the first Harbor Freight tools that our woodworking team ever used.  We needed a trailer that could transport a few of our woodworking projects but was also small enough that it didn’t take up a lot of room when it wasn’t in use.  We decided to go with the Harbor Freight folding trailer as it provided us the transportation room that we needed but also provided us with a small trailer that could be easily stored.  We also have recently written a complete Harbor Freight Folding Trailer Review for anyone who is thinking about purchasing this piece of equipment.

If you are looking for a trail that is a little more heavy duty compared to the folding trailer that we love, Harbor Freight provides you with a variety of other products. They offer small 10 cubic feet trailers that are cheap enough to be used by beginner woodworkers or anyone who needs to transport small projects.  If you need a larger trailer you can take a look at the 1720lbs capacity trailer that Harbor Freight Tools offers. No matter what kind of trailer you are looking for, Harbor Freight Tools will provide you with the perfect option for your needs.

Harbor Freight Dust Collector

Harbor Freight Tool is our sole provider for dust collectors and shop vacs as they are the only company that we can trust to keep our workstation as clean as possible.  We have used a variety of different dust collectors over the years but would always struggle with excess dust that was missed by the shop vacs. However, after being recommended dust collectors from Harbor Freight we were amazed with the results.  We recommend that every woodworker uses a high quality dust collector as well as having a shop vac at your home. If you would like more information we have recently written a complete Harbor Freight Dust Collector Review.

Harbor Freight Table Saw

A table saw is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any woodworker.  This is a woodworking tool that you will use in nearly every single project that you work on.  For this reason it is incredibly important that you invest in a table saw that will last you a long time and provide you the best possible experience.  For most woodworking projects it is incredibly important for you to get an accurate and clean cut every single time. Woodworkers can’t afford to have inconsistent cuts in their projects.

All of the different Harbor Freight Table Saw machines that I have used have provided me with a great experience.  They have a variety of different saws depending on the size you need as well as the amount of power you need. If you need more information, we have recently created a complete Harbor Freight Table Saw Review.

Harbor Freight Drill Press

A drill press may not be used in every single woodworking project, but when you do need to drill through a variety of different materials for projects then it is important that you have a high quality drill press.  We have used drill presses in the past that were great for drilling accurately through thin material but once we began using different materials that drill press wasn’t powerful enough. With the drill presses provided by Harbor Freight we have never had any problems with this issue.  Drill presses will provide you with the accurate drilling that you need as well as the power required to drill through a wide variety of different materials. We have used a wide variety of different drill presses from Harbor Freight Tools and have always had great experiences with them.  We have just recently written a Harbor Freight Drill Press Review that will help you make the best buying decision possible.

Harbor Freight Generator

Generators are essential pieces of equipment for construction workers, woodworkers, and even average families.  A Harbor Freight Generator is a great option when it comes to providing power to a jobsite, lighting an outdoor party, or even keeping your home well lit during a power outage.  When it comes to generators there are a wide variety of different products that work for different uses. If you are looking for a large generator to power an entire jobsite then the Harbor Freight heavy duty gasoline based generators would be a great option.  But if you are looking for a smaller generator that you can hide away until you need it to power your home during a storm, then the ultra quiet inverter generators are a great choice.

No matter what kind of generator you are looking for, Harbor Freight Tools will be able to provide you with a generator to fit your needs.  We have multiple different generators from Harbor Freight because we believe the quality and reliability is better than any we have used before.  We always trust Harbor Freight Tools to keep our job sites and homes up and going no matter what the conditions are.

Harbor Freight Air Compressor

After years of using a Harbor Freight Air Compressor on a daily basis, we can safely say that Harbor Freight air compressors are some of the best that we have ever used.  We have used a wide variety of different air compressors but Harbor Freight air compressors are able to provide us with the lightest and quietest air compressors that we have used.  These air compressors are often less than half the weight of comparable air compressors sold by different companies.

Harbor Freight Tools also provides air compressors that are much quieter compared to other compressors.  After years of using a quieter air compressor there is no way you will be able to go back to a louder one.  No matter what kind of air compressor you are looking for, you can go to Harbor Freight Tools to provide you with a high quality air compressor.

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