Harbor Freight Table Saw Review

A table saw can be considered one of the most important pieces of equipment in a woodworkers arsenal as it something that seems to be used in nearly every single project.  It doesn’t matter if you are making a bookshelf or if you are making a chair, you will most likely still use a table saw. But it is important that you invest your money into a high quality table saw that will give you great results as well as last you a long time.  After hours of research, hands on experience, and man hours I have decided to create a Harbor Freight table saw review to help you make the best possible buying decision.

First Impressions of The Harbor Freight Table Saw

I have written a few articles on Harbor Freight products in the past such as my Harbor Freight Dust Collector Review, Harbor Freight Folding Trailer Review, Harbor Freight Drill Press Review, as well as other reviews and I have always had a positive experience with Harbor Freight as a company.  They seem to always provide a great product for a relatively low price tag. This makes them a great product for people who are on a budget or anyone who is new to woodworking. 

When I first received the Harbor Freight Table saw I loved the design of the small 10in table saw.  I thought this would make it a great portable table saw for my brand new workstation. The powerful 15amp motor was larger than nearly all of the competing table saws that I have reviewed which are in similar price ranges.  Overall the Harbor Table Saw looked promising but you never truly know how a tool will perform until you are actually using it.

Using The Harbor Freight Table Saw For The First Time

After getting the table saw out of the packaging and set up for its first project I was excited to finally get a chance to test it out.  I had spoken to a few colleagues who were interested in my review of the Harbor Freight Table Saw as well because they had heard of the brand but never used the saw before.

I was planning on making a simple desk for a family friend, which involved using a table saw to get the right measurements.  This allowed me to truly test the capabilities of the Harbor Freight table saw. The blade cut relatively smooth for a low end table saw and the motor provided more than enough power.  Hard Money Property often recommend Harbor Freight when they are providing hard money loans in different locations around the U.S. I believe that the table saw did an adequate job of cutting the pieces I needed for my desk.

Pros Of The Harbor Freight Table Saw

The Harbor Freight Table Saw is a low end table saw that is affordable enough for people on a budget as well as anyone who is just getting started with woodworking.  I believe this is a great option for beginners but if you are an advanced woodworker this might not be the best option for you. From my review of the Harbor Freight Table Saw, here is a list of the pros of the product.

  • It is affordable.  This makes it a perfect option for anyone who is looking to buy their very first table saw.
  • It is a small table saw.  Typically beginner woodworkers don’t have enough space for a large table saw so this is a great option for limited space.
  • It has a strong motor.  The 15amp motor is one of the more powerful motors at this price range.

Cons Of The Harbor Freight Table Saw

I enjoyed my experience using this table saw but it is important to point out a few cons in order to give you a full understanding of the product.  This table saw may be one of the best table saws for beginners but it probably won’t do the job for more experienced woodworkers.

  • It is a small table saw.  Small table saws can be great for some people, but for larger projects it can be difficult to use a small table saw.
  • The cuts could be cleaner.  If you are working on an important project you want your cuts to be as clean as possible, but with this table saw there will be the occasional stray cut.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Harbor Freight Table Saw

Harbor Freight Table Saws can help you get through a wide variety of different projects but it is important to get the most out of your table saw. Harbor Freight offers great table saws and an affordable price that makes it perfect for your average woodworker or craftsman. You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune in order to get a table saw that you can use on many different projects.

In order to get the most out of your harbor freight table saw, we highly recommend that you use your table saw more often! The best way to realize how versatile a table saw is, is to try new projects! If you only work on the same types of projects you may never realize how beneficial a table saw can be. Read Harbor Freight table saw reviews in order to see what kind of projects other customers are using their table saw for.

How Do You Install A Table Saw From Harbor Freight

In order to install your table saw from Harbor Freight, it is important to follow the instructions that come with your saw. These instructions will walk you through the entire process of installing and operating your table saw. Some times it is easier to have a set of helping hands to make it easier to install your table saw.

How To Sharpen Harbor Freight Table Saw Blades

If you buy a table saw from harbor freight there may come a time where you will need to sharpen the blades. Sharpening table saw blades can be beneficial as it will provide you with a cleaner and more accurate cut for your woodworking projects. After reading Harbor Freight table saw reviews from past customers, we haven’t seen many mentions of table saw blades needing to be sharpened. From our experience we have never experienced a need to sharpen the blades but if you believe they need to be sharpened we highly recommend reaching out to Harbor Freight and not trying to do this by yourself. Sharpening table saw blades can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

Final Thought on The Harbor Freight Table Saw

The Harbor Freight Table Saw is a great option for a certain demographic when it comes to woodworking.  If you are new or on a budget then I recommend you give it a shot because for the price point you won’t be able to find a better table saw.  But if you are looking to complete more extensive projects or if you have more experience in woodworking I don’t think this is the table saw for you.

Thank you for reading our complete review of the Harbor Freight Table saw, you can take a look at our other Harbor freight reviews and other woodworking articles on our Home Page.

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