DW734 Dewalt Planer Review

If you ever done research on the best wood planers on the market you have probably seen the DW734 Dewalt Planer on the top of the list. This is because this specific Dewalt planer is one of the most popular and well known pieces of machinery used by woodworkers. craftsman, homebuilders, and many other individuals around the world. In this review we will take an in-depth analysis of the DW734 Dewalt Planer.

a dewalt planer in use to reshape a wood board

Who Is Dewalt?

Dewalt Industrial Tool Company is one of the most popular power tools and construction hand tool manufacturers in the world. The Dewalt headquarters are based out of Baltimore, Maryland but they provide the construction and woodworking industry with products all across the world.

Dewalt was founded in 1924 by Mr. Raymond Dewalt out of Leola, Pennsylvania. Dewalt is a child organization of the larger brand, Stanley Black & Decker. They provide construction equipment that range from handheld power tools to much larger construction equipment, but in this review we will be talking about the DW734 Dewalt planer.

What Is A Wood Planer?

Before we can talk about the benefits of the DW734 Dewalt Planer, we must talk about what a wood planer is. A wood planer is a woodworking or construction tool that is used to shape the thickness and size of wood board. A wood planer can also be known as a benchtop planer, a wood planer, a desktop planer, a thicknesser, or many other names within the woodworking industry.

One of the most difficult things that a woodworker has to deal with on a routine basis is making sure that all of the wood pieces for a project are exactly the same measurements. It can be difficult to purchase wood of varying thicknesses and sizes and often times the measurements sold by woodworking stores can make certain projects difficult.

By having a wood planer in your workshop, you can worry less about what your local woodworking shop has to offer and use your planer to solve nearly any wooden sizing issue. We believe a planer is a vital piece that every woodworker should have in their shop.

Who Do You Look for in a wood planer?

When you are reviewing wood planers, such as the DW734 Dewalt planner, it is important to understand the functionality of the tool and have an understanding of what to keep any eye out for. Wood planers come in many different shapes and sizes so it is important to keep the following features in mind.

The Price of The Wood Planer

The first and most obvious feature when looking for a planer is the price of the tool. There are many different products on the market that come in a variety of different prices. The DW734 Dewalt Planer is in the middle of the budget range and is recommended for experienced woodworkers or those who have a larger budget.

Benchtop Wood Planer or Hand Held Planer

When wood planers were first invented they were all hand operated and were manually cranked to shape the wood to the users satisfaction. But now that the technology has improved tremendously, there are a variety of different types of wood planers.

There are hand-held wood planers that are smaller and easier to store, but there are also larger and more powerful bench-top wood planers or desktop planers. It is important to understand your needs before you decide if a bench-top planer or a hand held planer is better for your workshop.

Functionality of The Planer

Wood planers can provide a wide range of different functionality but the sole purpose is to help the individual reshape the thickness and size of wood. It is important to take a look at the other functionality tools offered by planers to see if you need any of these tools. For example the DW734 Dewalt Planer as well as other Dewalt planers on the market offer a wide range of different functionality.

DW734 Dewalt planer review

Now that you have a better understanding of wood planers we can begin our complete review of the Dewalt DW734 planer. We believe this is one of the best wood planers on the market and we thoroughly enjoyed our time using and testing this tool.

DW734 Dewalt Planer Pricing - 4.0 / 5. 0

Wood planers come in a wide range of different price points, but the price is often times one of the first things you should look at when shopping for woodworking tools. The Dewalt DW734 planer is a higher end woodworking tool compared to some of the more budget friendly models on the market.

We believe the Dewalt Dw734 is a great option for those who have a larger budget, those who are more experienced with woodworking, or those who know they will use a wood planer a lot in the future.

DW734 Dewalt Planer Size - 4.0 / 5.0

If you are looking for a small wood planer then the Dewalt DW734 might not be the best option for you. It weights roughly 80 lbs and measure 24 inches X 17 inches X 21 inches.

This makes it one of the larger wood planers on the market but this fact makes sense because it is one of the most powerful wood planers available.

DW734 Dewalt Planer Motor Power - 5.0 / 5.0

If you need a wood planer that has a strong motor, then the DW734 Dewalt Planer is the best option for you! The DW734 comes standard with a 15AMP electric motor that powers the 20,000 RPM cutter. This is one of the fastest and most powerful planers on the market.

If you are planning on using your wood planer a lot in the future, it is worth it to invest in a more powerful and faster wood planer. We have tested the Dewalt Planer with hardwood, softwood, and everything in between and we were shocked how easily it was able to cut it.

DW734 Dewalt Planer Accuracy & Precision - 5.0 / 5.0

One of the most important things that a wood planer can do is to shape the wood in an accurate and precise manner. The DW734 in one of the most accurate wood planers we have ever used. You never have to worry about having wood pieces that are slightly different because this planer is spot on!

Accuracy can make or break a project but you will have no issues with wood size accuracy with the Dewalt planer.

DW734 Dewalt Planer Safety Features - 5.0 / 5.0

If you are a professional craftsman or if woodworking is just a hobby then safety should always be one of the most important features for any tool. Dewalt created a planer that keeps the user safe and provides many features to improve the safety of using the planer.

The planer offers a feature to key the tools on and off switch to make sure kids or unexperienced users can’t turn it on. They also offer a kill switch and a easy to access power switch to keep the user in a safe position the entire time the tool is on.

Pros of the DW734 Dewalt planer

As you can see from the feature list above, the DW734 offers a wide range of benefits and features to the user. We believe the motor power and the cutting accuracy are the two best features of the planer. You will be able to reshape nearly any piece of wood that you are working with and the cuts will be perfectly precise every single time!

We believe the Dewalt Planer is a great tool and will improve the efficiency of any woodworking shop!

Cons of the DW734 Dewalt Planer

During our review of the DeWalt Planer we tested a wide range of materials and sizes in order to give the planer a complete test. But during our time of using the machine we struggled to find any features that we didn’t like. It was difficult to put any cons on this list but we believe if we had to find a fault it would be in the noise level.

A wood planer is typically loud because it has a powerful motor and it is cutting and reshaping pieces of wood. But often times we will hear from beginner woodworkers who are using their first planer and they complain that it is loud. This is typical for a wood planer and shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Final Thoughts on the DW734 Dewalt Planer

We believe the DW734 Dewalt Planer is one of the best wood shaping tools on the market. Our team of woodworkers have tested and reviewed dozens of differnent models and we believe this may be the best planer on the market.

It is the perfect tool for those who need a fast, powerful, and accurate wood planer for their workshop. We highly recommend you give this tool a try! 

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