Best Screws For Plexiglass

Plexiglass is known for being a lightweight plastic that is similar to glass because it is clear but it is made out of plastic instead.  Working with plexiglass is difficult because of the unique material.  When you are looking for the best screws for plexiglass it can be difficult as traditional screws that are used for metal or wood won’t work for plexiglass.

Finding The Best Screws For Plexiglass

The difficulty of finding screws that work with plexiglass comes because of the Plexiglass’s likelihood of chipping or shattering when under pressure.  This often leads woodworkers to believe that it is impossible to use screws on plexiglass but this isn’t true.

There are a variety of different projects that utilize plexiglass and screws, and I’m sure you will stumble upon these projects throughout your woodworking journey.  But our guide will help you find the best screws for plexiglass and teach you how to use them in a safe manner.

When you are looking for screws to use with plexiglass it is important that you either get thin metal screws that we will heat up, or you utilize plastic screws.  The metal screws would typlically chip or shatter the plexiglass but by heating it up with a flame for roughly 10 to 15 seconds the screw will go through the plexiglass smoothly.

When it comes to plastic screws it is important to find thing plastic screws that also provide you with the desired amount of hold that you need for your project.  Typically plexiglass doesn’t need much hold power so this shouldn’t be much of an issue.  But the plastic from the screw interacts with the plexiglass in a different manner than a cold metal screw would.  Metal screws that aren’t heated up have a wide screw radius which causes the plexiglass to chip.  While plastic screws have a smaller screw radius that protects the plexiglass from damage.

Tips For Using Screws On Plexiglass

When you are drilling into plexiglass, whether it is plastic screws or heated up metal screws it is important to control your drill speed.  If your drill moves the screw too quickly it can cause on needed damage because of the speed but also because of the added heat that the speed creates.  Too much heat will also damage the plexiglass, this is why you must be very careful when using screws on Plexiglass.

If you are having difficulties using screws on plexiglass you can also use a source of lubricant to make the drill smoother.  We often use either water or water soluble oil as a lubricant to help the screw glide through the surface.  This can drastically reduce the amount of damage the plexiglass endures.  

How To Attach Plexiglass To Wood

Working with plexiglass can be difficult as not many people know that you can use screws on plexiglass. So if you are required to attach plexiglass to wood then you have two real options.

  1. Use screw to attach plexiglass to wood.
  2. Use glue to attach plexiglass to wood.

If you are looking to learn how to attach plexiglass to wood we are happy to announce that there are only two efficient ways to do it and both methods are very easy to do. You can use screws through the plexiglass into the wood or you can use wood glue to firmly secure the plexiglass to the wood. We believe screws through the plexiglass will be more secure, but glue can also be used if necessary.

We appreciate you reading through our guide for the best screws for plexiglass and we hope you read our other woodworking articles on our Home Page.

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