Best Finish For Indoor Cedar Furniture

Cedar furniture has a natural ability that helps it to resist insects, mildew, and rotting, which makes the process of finding the best finish for indoor cedar furniture much easier.  With furniture that doesn’t have these natural abilities it can be difficult to find the best finish because other materials won’t react well with certain stains. But with cedar you have many different options for finishes.

Cedar is a softwood similar to pine wood, but it reacts better with stain finishes compared to pine which is why cedar furniture are becoming increasingly more popular in recent years.  This is why its different when you are looking for the best finish for a workbench compared to cedar furniture.  When attempting to stain cedar furniture it is important to distinguish indoor and outdoor cedar furniture. Indoor cedar furniture should use a clear coat polyurethane as this will give the wood a smooth and shiny finish.  Outdoor cedar furniture should be finished with a wood sealer as this will give the wood a much better protection against rain and moisture.

How To Pick The Best Finish For Indoor Cedar Furniture

Cedar wood is known for its rich color as well as its ability to stay in perfect condition for years and years.  When it comes to applying a finish to your indoor cedar furniture it is important that you don’t use a dark stain that is for outdoor cedar.  Outdoor cedar furniture stains are used to protect furniture against moisture which isn’t what we need for indoor cedar furniture.

best finish for indoor cedar furnitureWe need to find a lightweight polyurethane that will give our indoor furniture a smooth and shiny coat.  This will help protect your cedar from food stains as well as give it another protective layer. This protective layer will help your furniture last longer than other wood furniture.  In the long run this can help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars because instead of investing in new furniture every few years, your newly finished cedar furniture will last for years and years.  That is the reason I typically only purchase cedar indoor furniture because with a layer of finish I can rest assured that it will last me many years.

How To Apply Finish To Indoor Cedar Furniture

When you find a polyurethane that you like, it is important to apply the finish the correct way.  I always recommend that you move your furniture to a clean workbench or work station to allow you enough room to work without making a mess in your living room.  It can be tempting to apply as many layers as possible to your cedar furniture, but the wood won’t respond well to this. It is important to apply 1 layer of polyurethane in smooth strokes and then allow the wood enough time to properly dry.

Once the finish has dried on your cedar furniture you can inspect it to see if you missed a spot or if you would like to add another layer.  I wouldn’t recommend more than 2 or 3 layers as this will give your furniture too much of a shine. After you have finished with your layers of finish, you are all set.  You have just improved the lifespan of your cedar furniture!

Best Finish For Cedar

Now that you have a better understanding of how to finish cedar and finishing cedar wood, it is time to take a look at our recommendation for the best finish for cedar and the best finish for indoor cedar furniture.

Finish For Interior Cedar Furniture: Sansin's Interior Purity

Sansin’s Interior Purity line is the best finish for interior cedar furniture as well as for a range of different cedar projects. Sansin provides a wide range of different cedar finish products that range from finish roofing shingles to finishing interior cedar furniture. We love how reliable the company is and they have proven over the years that their finish is great for any cedar project.

How To Finish Cedar Vs How To Finish Indoor Cedar Furniture

Depending on where your cedar furniture is going to live will change how we recommend you finish them. If your cedar furniture will be indoor furniture then you don’t have to worry as much about weather or deterioration. But if your cedar furniture is going to be placed outside, especially in rainy climates, then you will have to prepare accordingly.

If you are looking for the best finish for cedar for outdoor furntiure then we recommend only using a finish that is specifically designed for outdoor furntiure compared to indoor furniture. If you use an indoor finish on outdoor furniture, the finish will most likely peal and begin to fade after only a short period of time. It is import to learn how to finish cedar and practice on a few pieces of furniture in order to get a better idea of finishing cedar wood.

We hope our short guide on the best finish for indoor cedar furniture was beneficial for you!  You can finish more articles and guides on our home page.

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