Best Bowl Gouge For The Money

Woodworking has exploded in popularity in recent years and has become more than just a hobby.  It has become an opportunity for individuals to express themselves in a creative way and feel a sense of pride for what they have created.  Which is why we attempt to provide the best woodworking resources on the market.  In todays article we will be reviewing the best bowl gouge for the money.

Bowl gouges are an essential tool when it comes to woodworking but more specifically for wood bowl turning.  If you are new to woodworking or if you do it as a full time career it is important find the best bowl gouge for the money.  There are a variety of different gouges on the market which can make it difficult to find the best option.

Our Recommended Bowl Gouge For The Money

  1. Hurricane Turning – Best Overall For The Money
  2. Hurricane’s M2 CryogenicHigh End Recommendation
  3. Robert Sorby 1/2Best 1/2″ Bowl Gouge

Hurricane Turning Bowl Gouge - 3 Piece Set​​

The Hurricane 3-Piece Bowl Gouge Set is great for those who are new to woodworking or those who are new to bowl turning as it comes with all the tools you need. We absolutely love the convenience as well as the quality of these tools. This set is perfect as it provides you with a 1/2″ flute, a 1/4″ flute, and a 3/8″ flute. This means that you have multiple different sizes so you are prepared for a variety of different projects.

Hurricane is one of the most popular tool manufacturers in woodworking and they have a loyal following when it comes to the gouge tools. One of the reasons for their popularity, and the popularity of this 3-piece set is because they are made out of M2 High-Speed Steel (HSS). This type of steel has been thoroughly tested to provide woodworkers with the ability to maintain a sharp edge through even the toughest of projects. The HSS material is also guaranteed to last more than eight times as long compared to tools that are made out of carbon. The handles are made out of reinforced beechwood which provides a solid grip as well as adds to the overall durability of the tool. Our team has always loved using this tool set and it is the set we recommend for anyone who is looking for a great gouge set for a great price.

Pros – 

  • The set comes with three different sizes of bowl gouges.
  • The tools are made out of high quality HSS material that is stronger than carbon tools.
  • The edge on the tool has been proven to last a long time.

Cons –

  • Some woodworkers have complained about the finish on the handles.

Hurricane's M2 Cryogenic Gouge Set

If you are an experienced woodworker or are looking for a high end gouge set our recommendation is the Hurricane M2 Cryogenic set.  The tool set included a 1/2″ flute, a 3/8″ flute, and a 1/4″ flute.  All of these tools are made with cryogenic M2 grade high speed steel as well as ash handles.  This means the entire tool is crafted with some of the strongest materials available.  This not only provides you with a better result for your projects but they will last for ages.  These tools are built to last which makes them a great investment because you know they will last for years.  If you are someone who often works with bowls then we highly recommend getting the M2 Cryogenic Set as they will provide you with a great result and are a great investment for the money.

Pros –

  • The M2 Cryogenic steel is stronger than less expensive options which means it will last longer.
  • The set comes with three different tool sizes which makes it perfect to work on nearly any project.
  •  The cryogenic steel has been proven to resist wear by over three times what other hard steel has shown.
Cons – 
  • This product is made with high quality materials which makes it more expensive compared to other options.

Robert Sorby 1/2" Bowl Gouge

Robert Sorby is one of the most popular brands in woodworking but they are specifically known for their gouge tools.  And their most popular tool is the 1/2″ bowl gouge as this is a great tool for most projects.  The 1/2″ gouge is typically thought of as the middle size tool compared to the 1/4″ and other sizes.  If your projects include shaping bowls, precise finishing cuts, or other cuts the 1/2″ can take care of it for you.

The Robert Sorby 1/2″ is crafted with high speed steel which will last for years compared to tools which are made with carbon steel.  The edge of your gouge will last for a long time and seems to never lose its sharpness.  Our team absolutely loves the length of the handle and the tool as a whole because it provides great leverage and a great feel in your hand.  If you are looking for one tool to work on most projects then the Robert Sorby is our recommendation.

Pros –

  • The blade resists softening and maintains its edge.
  • Perfect for precise and intricate cuts.
  • Crafted with hardened high speed steel.
  • The length of the tool is perfect for leverage and is comfortable in your hand.

Cons –

  • The price is rather high for just one tool and not a set.  But it should provide a great result for woodworkers.

Bowl Gouge Buying Guide

If you are new to working with bowls or are just looking to buy a new gouge then it is important to do some research.  There are many different tools on the market and different prices which can make it difficult to find the best bowl gouge for the money.  We want to help you find the tool that will provide you with the best result for your projects.  Below we have some tips to help you make your buying process easier.

What Is A Bowl Gouge?

A bowl and spindle gouge is a woodworking and craftsman tool that is typically used for turning wood.  This could be used for turning bowls, kitchen platters, wooden salad bowls, or any other type of woodworking project.  There are a variety of different types and sizes of gouge tools but typically the 1/2″ bowl gouge is the size that can work with most projects.  But many woodworkers will invest in a gouge set that comes with three or more different sizes of tools.  This allows them to be more precise with their cuts and work with a variety of different materials.

How To Use A Bowl Gouge

If you are new to woodworking or would like to learn how to use a bowl gouge we recommend watching the video below.  This will help walk you through bowl gouges as well as how to use them.

It is important to have an understanding of woodturning as well as the difference between a bowl gouge and a spindle gouge before you start your project.  Once you have an understanding of your desired project we recommend that you start with a sharp tool.  If your gouge is dull or not sharp it will make the entire project difficult.  If you have recently purchased a tool then it should be sharp and good to go.  By following along with videos or woodturning tutorials you will be able to learn and practice your skill.  It may take some time to master but you will learn a valuable woodworking skill in no time!

What Size Gouge Should I Use?

Bowl gouges come in a variety of different sizes such as 1/2″, 1/4″, as well as other sizes.  Each size works better for specific projects.  Which makes it important that you do your research on the best tool for each project before you start.  Typically we recommend that woodworkers invest in a three piece gouge set that comes with a 1/2″ flute, a 1/4″ flute, and a 3/8″ flute.  This will provide you with all of tools that you will need for a majority of your desired projects.

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