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Tack Cloth vs Microfiber

If you are new to woodworking or have been working with tools for years you will know how dirty your work space can be.  It wont take long before you have sanding dust or particles from your last project all over.  And then you can also add in all the...

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bowl gouge reviews

Best Bowl Gouge For The Money

Woodworking has exploded in popularity in recent years and has become more than just a hobby.  It has become an opportunity for individuals to express themselves in a creative way and feel a sense of pride for what they have created.  Which is why we attempt to provide the best...

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harbor freight table saw review

Harbor Freight Table Saw Review

A table saw can be considered one of the most important pieces of equipment in a woodworkers arsenal as it something that seems to be used in nearly every single project.  It doesn’t matter if you are making a bookshelf or if you are making a chair, you will most...

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harbor freight drill press review

Harbor Freight Drill Press Review

A drill press may not be used as frequently as table saws or other woodworking tools but it is still an essential tool for all woodworkers.  Whenever you come across a project that needs a drill press or drilling machine then it is important to have a high quality tool...

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